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With the increasing population in Gneixendorf  there is also a need to further develop the infrastructure and the village live. The Verschönerungs- und Dorferneuerungsverein Gneixendorf has set themselves this objective and has established as a communication platform the homepage www.unser-gneixendorf.at as their first project. All residents of our village as well as interested parties are welcome to participate in this communication.

Gneixendorf, located on a plateau approximately 100m above the river Danube, was founded around 1.000 AD in the course of the third German settlement. Due to its location it never achieved any particular significance, which lasted by the middle of the 20th century.  As early as 1948 only 362 residents were counted in 64 houses. With the incorporation of the village into the city of Krems on the 23rd of June 1968 the increase of the population has been starting and is still ongoing until today.  Currently the population of Gneixendorf amounts to 850 residents (as per June 2013). This number will double within the next decades, as Gneixenorf potentially is an urban expansion area of the city of Krems.

In 2009 a number of citizens decided to publish the „Chronicle of Gneixendorf“, which tells the historical development of the village and which should not be missed in any household.

Translated by Georg Wellischowitsch


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